This one was confirmed.  Maybe.  Or at least by a grainy picture.  I don’t have personal access to the photo, but I’m told Idaho Fish and Game took a look.  By a guy who saw the security camera image.  But Fish and Game responded nobody contacted the agency.  Now what?  This would’ve been in the vicinity of Clear Lakes Road.  This was between downtown and the Ken Curtis Bridge.  It wouldn’t be the first time a mountain lion was spotted in the area.  The big cats travel along the Snake River Canyon.

Are we seeing more lions?  I think a better explanation is that there are more people in the valley and we’re moving into territory where the animals have long roamed.  More people means there are more eyes to see them.  More developments and people leaving food out for pets would be an attraction.

Keep in mind the issues in Blaine County have come about alongside a population spike.  A mountain lion sleeping under a deck wouldn’t have been an issue before there was a house and a deck in that spot.

Again, repeating the basics is a good way to maintain safety.  A large predator that doesn’t bother anyone isn’t a concern.  If you come face-to-face with a mountain lion, first, don’t run.  Don’t try and corner the cat.  Back away slowly and give it an exit.  No harm, no foul.

We should point out that as the population boom continues in Idaho, we’ll be hearing more of these stories.  If you see one from a distance, admire it and then move along.  Notify law enforcement and Fish and Game, and they’ll determine if anything needs to be done.

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