Every year waves of people from mainly western states decide to make Idaho their forever home. And once they find employment and settle in their new homes, a strange transformation begins for some.

Idahoans (those born in Idaho hospitals) are very protective of the state. I was not born in Idaho, but my wife's mother and father were. She convinced me to make the move from California in 2016, and now our families own property in both states.

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I enjoy Idaho a great deal, but California will always be my home and nothing comes close to rivaling the Golden State in my opinion. I'd rank Idaho in my top three favorite states to spend time outdoors for sure.

Having said that, I've met and worked with a large number of people who have moved to Idaho as adults from states like Oregon, New York, Washington, Utah, Nevada, Oklahoma, Florida, and others. Some are proud to acknowledge their home states, and some hide the fact once the U-Haul crosses state lines.

Fear is the reason people do this, and for the life of me, I don't know why. In all my years living in Idaho and proudly letting people know I'm a California native, aside from the redundant comments about "changing my license plates," I've never had any problems. It's when you begin complaining about the locals that problems can start, as eloquently explained in a 2022 YouTube video produced by a Gem State native titled, "7 Things People Should Never Do When They Move To Idaho."

I worked with a person who was born over 2,000 miles from Twin Falls and moved to the city as an adult, and listening to him bad mouth other transplants and put on the Idaho-born front was both annoying and hilarious. Don't do this. Be proud of your birth state.

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