Right now is an interesting time to be looking for a job. Whether you are currently unemployed and searching or working at a job and secretly hoping to make a change. The jobs are out there, and depending on what you want or area willing to do, there is good money that comes with the work.

Who Is Hiring In Twin Falls?

You can drive all around town and see the 'Now Hiring' and 'Help Wanted' signs on business doors and street signs. Many of those jobs aren't career jobs though, and if you have a family you'll need a job that pays enough to provide for them. Even if you have no skills or minimal training, there are some pretty good jobs out there listed on job sites. Here are a few I found on Indeed that pay $45,000 a year or more in Twin Falls.

10 Job Listings on Indeed in Twin Falls Paying $45,000 or More

Whether you are unemployed and looking for a job or you are secretly looking to change careers: there are many jobs out there paying good money to the right candidates.

'Entry Level' Doesn't Mean 'No Skills'

Many of the jobs listed in the entry level category do still have special requirements, skills, and training you'll have to bring to the table. Many others just have qualifications that they would prefer you have prior to working there. Lots of RN (nursing) positions are listed on the Indeed site, probably due to recent vaccination requirements and staff shortages across the state.

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Indeed has 128 full-time jobs currently listed in Twin Falls with pay around $45,000 yearly at the entry level selection. If you are looking for part-time work or jobs that let you work remotely, you can search even more job opportunities.

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