About six weeks ago my wife found a tiny, cold, kitten under our wood pile. We had been hearing it crying for about two days and our dogs were the ones who found out where the cries were coming from and my wife dug through the wood to find this abandoned kitty. With help from the kids doing bottle feeding and cuddling this cat has become a healthy, tiny terror. This cat has become insane and so much fun.

We were lucky to be able to find him and help him live. You have the chance to do something similar. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter has a few things going on right now with their cats. They are still in need of homes to foster kittens until they are old enough to get their immunizations. They little kittens are weaned and don't need to be bottle fed, they just need a safe place to grow a bit more. The other thing happening with the cats right now is a big sale.

Cat adoptions at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter are discounted right now to $9 for adults and the kitten adoptions are $31.50. Don't forget about the digs too if that is the furry route you want to take. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter Facebook page has an updated gallery of the adoptable dogs too.

For those with dogs, check out this video from the Pooch Splash down at Dierkes. Hey Arnel always does a great job with his videos and this one really captures the fun that happens at the annual event.

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