The Twin Falls Public Library is an amazing establishment. They have great selection, an awesome online presence with social media, and they are constantly doing free events for the community. But, I just found out about another library system in Twin Falls. It's called the Little Free Library.

What Is The Little Free Library

I first learned about the Little Free Library when a neighbor across the street from my sister put up a cute Dr. Seuss themed box in their front yard with free books inside. You an stroll up and just take a book or leave a book. There are quite a few of these around town and each one is different.

Little Free Library Locations In Twin Falls

There are at least six of these cut little libraries around Twin Falls where you can either take a book for free or leave a book for someone else.

Where Are The Little Free Libraries In Twin Falls

According to the Little Free Library website, there are six of them around Twin Falls:

  • Connor's Little Free Library - 1540 Richmond Drive
  • Marg's Little Free Library - 614 Nprth Pointe Drive
  • The Mid-Mods Little Free Library - 205 Buchanan Street
  • Christy Taylor Little Free Library - 262 6th Ave E
  • Matlock Little Free Library - 271 Jeannie Way
  • Paige Blumenthal Little Free Library - 1570 Maple Ave
  • The Sad Little Free Library - Not listed on the site, but there's also one on the corner of Highland and Lois Street. It's currently empty, so stop by and drop off a book or two.
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How To Make Your Own Little Free Library

Anyone can build a library for their yard, and there are even helpful tips and construction plans on the Little Free Library website. If you want your yard library to be recognized by the organization and included on their map, you need to register for a charter number and you can get a special plaque for your library.

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