On Thursday evening crowds gathered on the north side of the St. Luke's hospital in Twin Falls to participate in a rally of support for local hospital heroes. Unlike the rally from last year when the pandemic began and hundreds showed up at the hospital for a joyous show of support, the rally this week was spirited for other reasons. Some hospital workers in Idaho, and around the country, are now being required to get the COVID-19 vaccine to retain their jobs.

Check out the signs and crowds from the rally in the gallery below:

Signs Of Support At Twin Falls Vaccine Mandate Rally

A good sized crowd showed up to show support for our local hospital heroes and their right to choose whether to get the COVID-19 vaccine or not.

The reasons to join the rally varied. Some were there to only show support that the hospital workers deserve a choice, others were there because they strongly believe the vaccine is not fully tested and therefore not yet safe, and others were there to support and push their own agenda a bit.

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I went to the rally with my kids, my wife is a nurse and we went to support her right to choice, and was able to discuss with my children the reason people attend rallies and protests. We talked about  why some people don't want to get the vaccine and why others just want the choice to not lose their job over something they believe. My oldest son told me he doesn't agree with the idea of mass gatherings and that they only make problems bigger, but he wanted to do this for his mom. My oldest daughter is all about people and their rights to choose who they want to be and what they want to do, so this rally made total sense to her. For my younger kids, they want what's 'best for mom'.

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