The vaccine has been a mandate for many large companies across America, and one of them has finally ended the mandate for their employees. Starbucks recently announced that their employees will no longer be required to be vaccinated to work there. The outcome of this decision will be determined in the future, but for now, it is a step in the direction of normalcy for many. What are the potential fallouts of this decision and the effects it could have on Twin Falls?

New Employment Options Open in Twin Falls

Credit: Dmitriy Nushtaev on Unsplash
Credit: Dmitriy Nushtaev on Unsplash

With the new mandate lifted at Starbucks, for those sitting on the unemployment line, that are antivaccine, this could be your chance to find a job. Starbucks is notoriously a great company to work for with great starting wages, career opportunities, and good benefits, even for part-time workers. Antivaccine people have had hard times finding jobs, due to so many companies making it a requirement to even apply. Starbucks may be kicking a door down to help those people and start getting things back to how they were pre-pandemic.

How strict the rule has been enforced in Twin Falls is unknown, but knowing it will entirely be gone, will encourage people to apply. There are currently three locations in the area; inside of Target, in the Magic Valley Mall parking lot, and on Blue Lakes. That is a decent amount of jobs needed to fill out every shift.

How Will This Effect Customers?

Credit: Arren Mills on Unsplash
Credit: Arren Mills on Unsplash

For many, the vaccination status of the people serving them coffee doesn't matter, so long as they get their coffee. To some, I am sure it will have an effect. For those pro-vaccine, it may make them not want to go there in fear of catching COVID or just the fact the company isn't requiring it. For people that are immunocompromised would it make them not want to go anymore? For people that agree it shouldn't be mandated anywhere, would this encourage them to support Starbucks? There will be a fallout for customers, but to what extent will have to be seen. 

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With Starbucks being the first major company to remove the mandate, is it only a matter of time until other companies follow them? It will be interesting to see the effect that follows in the coming months, but for now, the response seems to be more positive than negative. If you need a job, a coffee, or a cake pop, Starbucks is open for business and ready for you either way. 

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