Boating is a big deal in Idaho, and believe it or not: not everyone is good at it.

Over the weekend this was proved as 2 vehicles sunk and one boat was swamped at a popular Idaho reservoir.

Swamped: 2 Cars and 1 Boat Sink at Idaho Reservoir

The accidents happened over the Memorial Day holiday weekend at Lucky Peak Lake in Boise. Pictures of each of the soaking vehicles were posted on the Lucky Peak Dam and Lake social media Facebook page.

In the first picture, it’s hard to tell what kind of vehicle is in the water. It’s completely submerged and could be an RV or some other large vehicle. The second picture shows the boat tied to the dock but on its side and filled with water. As many questions as we have about the first two pictures, the third picture is the most confusing. It’s a CAR in the water at the boat ramp. You can’t see if the car had a boat or smaller watercraft trailer or why it was that close to the water.

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If you read the comments under the Facebook post you’ll see the brilliant response from the page monitor where they say:

We have some of the answers to some of the questions but not all of the answers to all of the questions. Such is the day in the life of those that work the lake. Sometimes you don’t ask and you just help.

Those are wise words for many of life’s situations.

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