Macy's Photo Credit Macys Inc. Pressroom
Macy's Photo Credit Macys Inc. Pressroom

It's no secret that the way we shop has changed over the years. Shopping for new clothing was an event for our Grandparents. In today's world, we think of a specific item that we want, and order it online in a matter of minutes. It's that simple.

Today's shopping trends have slowed things down for local stores. Franchise or not, every business is now competing with online shopping. This is causing some business's to close their door.

According to The Balance, Macy's announced they plan on closing 68 stores in 2017. Some stores have already closed. Most of the locations are in Florida and Texas but there is one location in Idaho.

The Macy's at The Nampa Gateway Center in Idaho will be closing this year. Get a complete list of all the Macy's stores that will be closing in 2017.

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