It may sound like a big deal that Wal-Mart Stores will be changing their name next year...but to most of us it won't matter at all.

Here's why - most of us already just call it Walmart and they know that. So on February 1st they will be changing their legal name from Wal-Mart Stores and dropping the hyphen and Stores part. This name change isn't only happening in Idaho, it is every Walmart Store. USA Today has the details on the reason for the name change.

If you look at most Walmart stores across the nation, you'll notice that they used to have a star in between Wal and Mart, but that is gone now. Even their website is lacking the hyphen. So, for most of us the change has already happened.

What does the Walmart name change mean for you and me? Nothing really, unless you are in a legal battle with them and your documents currently state their name as Wal-Mart Stores.

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