I have never seen as many run red lights as I have here in Twin Falls. Last week during the rain we got, a vehicle ran a red light and it was caught on a car camera.

It is at the intersection of Eastland and Filer on March 19th. It doesn't even look like the vehicle that blew through the red light even hit their brakes. And it wasn't even close. The light had to have been red at least 5 seconds when the vehicle moseyed on through the intersection.

I would like to say that it was from the rain but the conditions weren't that bad. It wasn't like it was slick and snowy either. I imagine the driver of the vehicle simply just wasn't paying attention which is pretty scary.

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The driver of the vehicle that had the green light and took the video is really lucky they didn't go as soon as the light turned green and was paying attention otherwise it could have been really bad.

That intersection is not the greatest but it isn't the worst intersection in town. If the time stamp on the video is correct it happened about 6 p.m. and I guess there is a bit more traffic on the road during that time but that should make people more wary not more oblivious.

Make sure you check both ways going through an intersection. And remember, Red means STOP, green means GO. Stay safe out there, especially during bad weather.

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