I love a good deal on food, which is why I use mobile apps every time I can. I order McDonald's, Burger King, and Little Caesar's through their apps and don't see any reason to go back to normal ordering. At Little Caesar's I order from my home and when i get there I bypass the lines and go straight to the Pizza Portal. It makes you feel special passing all the non-app users in line. Burger King has loads of daily deals and I usually order my favorite at least once a week: spend a dollar (I usually get a shake or a cheeseburger) and get a free meal for my kids.

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McDonald's has great deals each day too, but they are switching it up for the next few weeks. They started last week with their 'Throwback Thursday Deals' where you spend a dollar and get one of their specific menu items for a low throwback price. The deals happen on Thursdays and the next one, January 28th, is a small shake for .25. The next three weeks will offer the following:

  • February 4th, get an Apple Pie for .20
  • February 11th, a large fry is only .35
  • February 18th, is the final week and the deal is a cheeseburger for .25

Each throwback deal requires you to spend at least $1 and place your order through the mobile app.

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