The winter Olympics are just a few days away. While Idaho doesn't have very many athletes participating in this year's games, there is one Gem State hopeful from southwestern Idaho that is competing in the Skeleton event.

Meet Andrew Blaser of Meridian. You're about to learn a lot about him. The 33-year-old athlete is Idaho's sole medal hopeful in the 2022 Beijing Olympics Skeleton event, which is a sled riding sport where the athlete lays down on his / her chest throughout the entire run. The Olympics take place from February 4 to 20.

I'm a major fan of the winter Olympics. The summer games really don't feature any sports that interest me. The downhill skiing and ski jump are by far my favorite events. I also do enjoy bobsledding and Skeleton.

Blaser has an impressive competition resume, having four top 25 finishes in national events dating back to 2017, including finishing seventh at the 2017-18 Men's Skeleton North American Cup. He's had numerous gold and silver finishes within this time period as well.

According to his Olympic bio, Blaser attended the University of Idaho where he majored in Food and Nutrition. He excelled as an indoor and outdoor track and field runner as well. He also took part in the decathlon, volleyball and cheerleading while attending the university.

Blaser is an intimidating athlete, standing at 6'4" and weighing approximately 190 pounds. We wish all the American athletes the very best of luck in the upcoming games. Hopefully, Blaser's efforts will earn him a medal. Regardless, he's still an incredible athlete, and a great source of pride for the state of Idaho.

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