A week after Halloween, a Meridian family has found a tainted Butterfinger in their child's trick-or-treat bag. 

The family says they went trick-or-treating in the White Stone Subdivision. When the father of the family opened a snack-sized Butterfinger and took a bite he immediately spit it out! He says the candy bar tasted like cough medicine and was red inside instead of the normal tan color.

Merdian police confirm that the candy bar was somewhat liquid inside and the top corner of the packaging had been sliced open.

According to an article on idahonews.com, the suspicious candy bar has been sent to a lab for testing.

It's easy to feel safe in our community. It's something I have thought will never happen to our family, but this is a great reminder that you really should thoroughly inspect your child's Halloween candy before they eat it. If you have any left at your house, give it a second look.

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