Ever since I met my wife she has made mentions that she wanted a metal detector. So, finally, nearly 20 years later I got her a low level metal detector for her birthday. Supposedly with the metal detector you can find gold, silver, aluminum, and lots of nails and screws. For real, you want an exciting evening? Take a metal detector around your yard. My kids used the detector for about an hour and found a bunch of nails and screws in the back yard, which doesn't look good on me since they are all probably from my projects. Oops.

If you have a metal detector and the ability to use it properly, there may actually be a market for your services in Twin Falls. I was reading a story about a guy who lost his ring at a park, so he found a website called The Ring Finders with a list of people in his area with metal detectors. He contacted one of them and they came out and actually found it.

Think about it, you could not only be the hero to someone who lost a precious metal item but you could also make some precious money of your own by finding their lost valuables. I'd bet there is a ton of random metal stuff at (or in) Dierkes Lake. We took our metal detector out just by the dock and found a bunch of fishing hooks. We also took it to California on our latest vacation to the beach and sadly didn't find anything.

If you have a metal detector or want to get one, be aware that you could make some money with your new skill. Also, according to the list on the Ring Finders website, there is a definite need for people in Southern Idaho.

Another fun 'toy' we recently bought was an infrared heat sensor.

Temperature during summer day

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