The Twin Falls Animal Shelter does not discriminate on the types of animals they save. Right now they have a goose in the shelter, waiting to be picked up by its owners. So if you are missing a pet goose, you may be in luck.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter posted that they had a goose that was found at Harmon Park after several people called the shelter to tell them one was running around over there. Now, Harmon Park is kind of in the middle of town so I am not sure how a goose ended up there, but after a little research, it looks like geese are allowed within city limits.

I mean, good thing animal control picked up the bird, it would have been a shame to have something bad happen to it. According to some of the comments on Facebook, it could be a little girl's goose that lives in the area or a goose that escaped the livestock auction last week. I really want to hear that story but that has to be for another time.

I feel like all geese look the same so trying to determine whose it might be could pose a problem. Seriously, how do you tell the difference between one goose and another? Am I the only one that can't tell? I really want to know.

Hopefully, this goose finds their proper home.

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