On Friday afternoon, the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office posted a few pictures taken as one of the officers was up in the South Hills near the Magic Mountain Ski Lodge. The officer was out of his truck when a young moose appeared on the tree line.

The Magic Mountain OHV Safety Fair is happening this weekend and as the crews were prepping for the event, a curious young moose came out of the trees to see what all the hustle and bustle was about.

Watch this Curious Young Moose Approach a Twin Falls Sheriff in the South Hills

Seeing moose and other wild animals in the South Hills is common. The Facebook post is smart in reminding us that these are still wild animals, even if they instigate the greetings, and that if they are young animals a parent is probably nearby. You should never attempt to touch, pet, hand-feed, or ride a moose.

Magic Mountain OHV Safety Fair 2023

The annual Magic Mountain OHV Safety Fair is June 9th, 10th, and 11th at Magic Mountain. Kids will be taught trail safety and can get their permits to legally ride on forest service trails in Idaho.

Idaho law 49-302 11a regarding young ATV drivers states:

Any unlicensed operators under the age of sixteen (16) years, on national forest roads must have completed a motorbike or ATV safety course approved by the Idaho department of parks and recreation, and a certificate or other proof of completion of such safety course shall be in the possession of the unlicensed operator of any ATV, UTV, specialty off-highway vehicle or motorbike, or shall be present in the vehicle at all times when the vehicle is operated on national forest roads.

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