Dr. Leana S. Wen is a liberal.  She wouldn’t object to the description.  She was once the chief architect at an abortion mill called Planned Parenthood.  Her devotion to the cause of infanticide landed her a gig on the editorial pages of Pravda-on-the-Potomac.  Sometimes called the Washington Post.  While Dr. Wen isn’t concerned about the safety of kids in the wombs of their mothers, she is concerned about those who managed to slip by the executioner and grew into teenagers.

She warns marijuana can harm the young.  You can click on this link and read her indictment of drug legalization.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it!  Liberals are increasingly seeing they’ve opened Pandora’s Box.  Generally, they won’t admit mistakes, or not within a month of Election Day.  I’ve written numerous times (and with links) about their warnings, and several of the stoned mopes who can still read get apoplectic.  Again, I’m the messenger.  I’m sharing the science and the opinions of medical professionals and liberals.

Meanwhile, over at the Heritage Foundation (a collection of conservatives and some libertarians), the guys are echoing Dr. Wen.  Click here to read more at the Daily Signal.  Or find someone to read it for you.

So, next time the cellar dwellers need to spout because someone called you out for idiocy, write the sources.  The people I cite when I write.  Or will you need someone to write for you?  My fee is reasonable.  I’ll charge 50 bucks a letter.  Less than you spend on weekly buds.

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