In early January, I came across a list from the Idaho Transportation Department of the rejected license plates from the previous year. They were hilarious. I'm sure some of the plate applicants thought they were being clever enough to get their idea approved, but I'm also certain that most of these had no belief that the plate would become a reality. They only put in the application because they thought it would be funny.

More Rejected Idaho License Plates From 2021

Our initial story and photo gallery of the rejected plates in early January included 44 pictures and barely put a dent in the number of plates that were rejected. The Idaho Transportation Department rejected more than 200 plates in 2021. We'll include the newest batch here and the first gallery below that, so you can see them all. Keep scrolling, because some of these are pretty great and the new batch includes some that tried to use the Boise plate to their advantage.

25 More Rejected Idaho License Plates

Personalized license plates in Idaho can be creative, but they can't be vulgar, offensive, hateful, or profane.
DISCLAIMER: Before you keep scrolling be advised that the plates were rejected for falling into at least one of the unacceptable categories and therefore might be offensive to see.

Rejected Personalized License Plates In Idaho

Personalized license plates in Idaho are a highly governed and censored item. Your personalized plate can't be vulgar, offensive, hateful, or profane. That doesn't stop people from trying.

Why Personalized License Plates Get Rejected In Idaho

To get your personalized license plate approved in Idaho it can't be offensive, vulgar, or hateful. Most of the above plates are pretty clear as to why they were rejected and for others you have to look at them in reverse to make sense. But there are a few that I think could have been fine and only got rejected because you can't have certain letters next to each other:

  • FKNEWS - Fake News, not the other 'F' word
  • DYRTRDS - Dirt Roads
  • PB4WEGO - Pee Before We Go
  • HLLBLLY - Hillbilly
  • BAD69SS - Could be referencing an awesome/bad '69 SS Camaro, Chevelle, El Camino, Nova, or other muscle cars
  • GAMERAFK - AFK could mean 'Away From Keyboard' or reference the game AFK Arena
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