I have very few real fears in my life - one is a fear for my kids to be safe and healthy all the time and the other is a terrifying fear of spiders. I'm kind of afraid of heights but I'll deal with that if it is fun (like a ride at Lagoon) but there is nothing fun about spiders. That is why a Digital Hub study seems all sorts of wrong to me.

They say that Americans aren't afraid of spiders. What that says to me is that most Americans are liars. Creepy crawly eight-legged nightmares didn't make the top 10 list. Fear of heights is on the list along with a few other silly things like dentists, birds, clowns and snakes. Which seems silly. Snakes are creepy, yes. But at least you can see snakes. Spiders are all sneaky and you don't see them until it is too late and you've walked through their sticky webs. Then (even if you never saw a spider) you have to assume that the spider is now on you somewhere.

Spiders are the worst.

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