Living in Idaho takes adjustments. Moving to a new state always has changes and culture shock in the beginning, and some things take a while to get used to. There are different food chains, phrases, and even fashion. There are a couple of things that have caught my eyes since living here and I am entirely jealous of one and the other I love.

Mullets Are Popular in Twin Falls

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My family and I attended church this last weekend, and it was there that we saw more mullets than we have seen in some time. This article is not to mock the mullet but is to acknowledge that they are popular around Twin Falls. It was not just one group or family that had them but multiple people. They seem to be more popular in the younger generation these days, and I am jealous. I do not have the hair to grow out a mullet these days, and they seem to be looking very good these days.

It use to be mullets were made fun of and deemed lower class, but these days they are the haircut to have. If you watch football, you will see they have become popular amongst players in college and the NFL. This might be the cause of the trend, but whatever the cause is, they are the style to have these days.

Plaid Shirts Are a Must in Idaho

Credit: Fabian Centeno on Unsplash
Credit: Fabian Centeno on Unsplash

Outside of the mullets, plaid shirts were worn by everyone. I am glad this is a trend in Twin Falls and is one of the things I like most about Idaho. I think plaid shirts look good any time of year, for almost any occasion, and they never seem to go out of style. It was comical how every single person on Sunday was wearing one and it made me smile. It is a good idea to have multiple styles and colors around for any time you need to throw on a nice plaid shirt for church, date night, or for work.

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While not everyone can pull off a mullet, and plaid shirts aren't for everyone, they seem to be the trend at the moment in Twin Falls and the state of Idaho. If you want to be a part of the trend then it is time to cut your hair, throw on your plaid and look like a true Idahoan. While I can't join the mullet club, I will make sure to wear my plaid as often as I can and appreciate those that can pull off both at the same time. Welcome to Idaho, home of mullets and plaid.

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