I feel like if 2020 were a movie, the Murder Hornets would be the character they introduce at the beginning but they don't do anything relevant. Then at the end this seemingly insignificant side-character comes back and ends up being a main part of the finish. Sadly, the Murder Hornets don't appear to be on 'team humans'. Murder Hornets are more 'team pandemic' along with all the more prominent characters of COVID-19, a polarizing presidential election, the endless mask debate, and surprise celebrity deaths. We also have the newcomer character with a full moon on Halloween. The reason I say the Murder Hornets may be this big character to the end of this movie/year is that I just learned that they have what is called a 'slaughter phase'.

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At Gizmodo they talk about this upcoming slaughter phase and pose a few questions and answers about the giant Asian beasts. It seems that the Murder Hornets are still only in Washington State here in the west and there is a colony they are 'frantically' trying to find and eradicate. State workers have found evidence of six hornets in the Blaine Washington area recently. There have been a total of 15 hornets found in Washington so far with the first being caught in August of this year. They hope to find the colony nest soon so they can destroy it before the slaughter phase begins and the hornets set their sights on the destruction of bees and their hives.

It seems crazy, yet very 2020, that such large hornets are so hard to find. Maybe they are the Sasquatch of flying creatures and we'll never know where they live.

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