I've been hearing a lot about an off the beaten path hike just a few miles outside of the city of Stanley, that some I've spoken to consider one of the best statewide. The 10-mile, round trip hike, can be located just 140 miles north of Twin Falls.

Stanley is an area of Idaho that I visit multiple times a year. While I try to avoid lakes such as Redfish due to over-crowding, Alturas and Stanley are two of my favorite short-distance getaways from Twin Falls. Next time I'm in the area, I'll have to head a bit farther west and check out Sawtooth Lake.

Being that the lake is just a three-hour drive from the city, I classify this adventure as a close to home getaway. The hike in and back, is apparently about 10-miles, and the water that awaits those who pack in is described as turquoise in color.

Parking is ample just outside the trailhead entrance, and the walk itself appears relatively easy, judging from a great video shared to YouTube last September. The views can't be beat. Sawtooth Lake is just 5-miles southwest of Stanley, so you could camp nearby, and also spend the afternoon lakeside.

Next time I head north, I'm definitely checking this spot out. I'm not sure whether or not it's a dog-friendly hike, but it shouldn't hurt to try. Just make sure to pick up after your animal if you choose to bring them.

Happy trails!

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