It's still several weeks away from Halloween, and my family and I have already visited the Twin Falls Spirit Halloween Store a couple of times. During my most recent trip on Sunday (August 23), I decided to snap a few pictures of some of the items for sale that I found to be fun and unique.

Those that know my wife and I know that we go absolutely crazy during Halloween as far as decorations go. Each season, we try to add something new to our yard cemetery, which has been a tradition for us for the past seven or eight years. As far as trick or treating goes in 2020, we'll have to wait to see how much the Coronavirus plays a roll in kids knocking on stranger's doors come October 31.

We took our four-year-old son to the Twin Falls Spirit Halloween store (1649 Pole Line Road East) over the weekend, and walked out of there with about five or six items. One of the things we bought was a toy replicate "Beetlejuice" sign from the 1988 cult classic. It was hands-down my favorite thing on the store's shelves; it now hangs on our wall heading downstairs into the guest room, and will probably become a permanent fixture.

Coolest Items at the Twin Falls Spirit Halloween Store

1.Beetlejuice Light-Up Sign

Greg Jannetta

2. Full-sized Chucky Doll

Greg Jannetta

While I am not a really big fan of the franchise, there is something about really creepy dolls that gets my attention.

3. Replica Haddonfield Herald Newspaper from Halloween

Greg Jannetta

After all these years, the original "Halloween" has still withstood the test of time. This replica newspaper is money.

4. Bob Ross Costume

Greg Jannetta

One of these years I will go with America's favorite hippie painter as my costume.

5. Biden / Trump Masks

Greg Jannetta

I don't care who you're voting for in the 2020 election come November, these masks are freakin hilarious.

There you have it. Those are some of my favorite items currently up for grabs at the Spirit Halloween Store in Twin Falls.

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