We are no strangers to mysterious loud booms in the Magic Valley. We’ve been hearing them for years with no true explanation as to what causes them. On Saturday morning there was another loud boom heard in the Magic Valley. This one sounded different than the rest though, and science, along with a few doorbell cameras, has the explanation.

What Caused The Loud Boom In Southern Idaho On Monday Afternoon

On Saturday morning, August 13, 2022, around 8:30 AM a single load boom was heard all around Southern Idaho. Some say it rattled their doors and made dogs bark. I saw posts on social media from friends around Twin Falls but I noticed that many of my friends and family in Utah were talking about the boom too. I completely missed it. Another loud boom was heard on Monday afternoon around 1:40. I was awake at my desk here at the radio station and didn’t hear or feel that one either.

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People speculated that they could have been caused by blasting at construction sites, an alien UFO, or a meteor. Based on the video below and an article we shared on Monday, it was the meteor theory that proved to be true. At least with the boom from Saturday

Check Out These Videos Of The Meteor That Created An Audible Boom

The video footage comes from around Salt Lake City in Utah and is a compilation of about 10 different security cameras with video and audio of the meteor.

Since the booms aren’t new to us in the Magic Valley and one of these recent ones can be explained by a meteor, do you think all the booms we hear are from meteors, or are ours still just as mysterious and unexplained as before?

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