Pickleball is a recreational activity that has grown immensely in popularity over the past decade. Apparently, now people are participating in the activity completely naked, which might make some cringe at the thought for a number of reasons.

I've never played Pickleball. I see people playing on the courts at Frontier Park in Twin Falls all the time, and it looks like a lot of fun. In recent years it went from being a hobby to a legitimate sport with championship tournaments taking place across the United States. These tournaments do make the participants wear clothes, but there are other, shall we say, uninhibited pickleball competitions.

I recently came across a website called thepickler.com. I read that leagues of naked pickleballers are expanding in the U.S. The majority of them are taking place at clothing-optional resorts and places like that. Pickleball is now played on all types of courts, including ones on cruise ships and beaches.

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I had a discussion about this idea during a recent drive with my wife. She was not into the idea at all, and basically found the concept to be gross. Furthermore, she said no woman in their right mind would participate in such a game. Her reasoning behind the comment centered around the impossibility of being able to keep certain body parts secure while playing such an active sport.

Public nudity in the United States still amounts to breaking the law, but in many other countries it's perfectly acceptable. Maybe private, clothing-optional pickleball courts will start popping up across the country soon.

Would you participate in a nude pickleball league if such a thing existed in Twin Falls?

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