It’s no secret that I love playing pickleball. I’ve written about it a few times before and I’ve been anxiously waiting for the new courts to be finished at Frontier Park on the CSI campus. Well, the wait is over and the new courts look beautiful.

6 New Pickleball Courts Available in Twin Falls for Paddle Junkies

There aren’t a lot of pickleball courts in Twin Falls, especially as more people are getting into playing the sport. If the weather is nice and you want to play at CSI, you better get to the Frontier Field courts early before all 6 get taken.

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But that shouldn’t be as much of an issue anymore as there are 6 brand new courts behind the original 6 at Frontier Field on the CSI campus. As of right now, the new courts are painted and have nets but there isn’t lighting installed yet for night play.

Pickleball is Huge in Idaho and We have Brand New Courts in Twin Falls

There are 6 brand new Pickleball courts behind the original 6 at Frontier Field on the CSI campus.

Where To Play Pickleball In Twin Falls

In addition to the 12 courts at Frontier Filed, there are also 5 outdoor courts for pickleball at the Oregon Trail Park on the south side of Twin Falls. Though those are not as pretty as the new ones. And there’s a multi-use court at Pierce Park, which is a good reminder that if you can’t get to an actual pickleball court and you want to just hit a ball around, tennis courts can be used in a pinch. There are also 3 indoor courts at the Pickleball Time/Soccer Time building in downtown Twin Falls next to Jump Time. There is a small fee to use the indoor courts, $3 for two hours or $4 for three hours.

Credit Frankie Lopez on Unsplash
Credit Frankie Lopez on Unsplash

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