In Southern Idaho, there has been a lot of talk about Chipotle Restaurants recently. Boise already has their share with 4 restaurants. Meridian also has 1 and a new one opens Wednesday in Nampa. That leaves us wondering - what about Twin Falls?

Southern Idaho Chipotle Restaurant Opens Wednesday

The location opening Wednesday in Idaho is the first in Nampa and will have the very cool Chipotlane, which is a drive-thru option for digital orders, and it’s only the 3rd in Idaho to have it. The restaurant is at 1260N Happy Valley Road in Nampa and will be open every day from 10:45 AM to 10 PM.

When Will The Twin Falls Chipotle Open

There has been talk of the new Twin Falls Chipotle for a few months, but we don’t have a specific opening date or really even a timeframe. What we do know is that we first heard about the plan for a Twin Falls location last year on December 15th. Since then we also learned that the restaurant will be next to Burger King on Cheney Drive near Walmart.

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In our latest story about the Twin Falls Chipotle, we found that the plan was for the store to open in September of this year. So, if the timeline still stands, we are just a few weeks from having Chipotle back in Twin Falls. According to their website, they are also still hiring.

What Happened to the First Twin Falls Chipotle

Many of you will remember that we already had a Chipotle in Twin Falls. Back before the pandemic in 2017, it opened on Blue Lakes where the Happy Teriyaki restaurant is now. It lasted less than a year in that location before closing. We were talking about it opening for longer than it was actually open. On March 3rd, 2017 we wrote a story wondering if the restaurant would ever open, and then on July 2nd, 2018 we announced that the store would be closing. Fingers crossed that the Cheney location does better for the restaurant.

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