There is definitely something to be said for a day out on the water on a nice boat. The one problem with a day out on the water is the cost. If you have never owned a boat, let me tell you it can be the most expensive hobby you ever start. It isn't just buy a boat and you're good forever. No, you buy a boat and pay for the gas in it and the towing vehicle. You seem to constantly be paying for new toys like tubes, wakeboards and skis, and even surfboards. I do love owning a  boat, but another downside to owning a boat as the driver (my wife doesn't want to learn to drive a boat) is I have never skied or wakeboarded behind my boat. It's my job to make the boat ride fun and safe for everyone else. That's why something like the Snake River Ferry sounds nice to me. Someone else is in charge and I get to chill and enjoy the ride.

The Snake River Ferry, while technically not a ferry, is a pontoon boat tour up in Idaho Falls. Depending on the day they vary where they will be travelling so you could go different days and get a different experience. Though you would have to travel from the Magic Valley to get there, prices are just $10 per adult, $5 for children, and under 3 are free. The boat has a 1,200 pound weight limit and tours last about 25 minutes.

In the Magic Valley we don't have many options readily available to do a boat tour on the Snake River. In Hagerman, the 1,000 Springs Tours offers a great tour in a beautiful part of the Snake River but tours are currently unavailable.

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