This could possibly be the best law on the books right now. Before this last weekend, I wouldn't have said that I had an opinion but I had an experience on the quick trip I made down to Utah that has given me an opinion.


I was coming back from Salt Lake on Sunday and was travelling along with the cruise control at 80. I come up on a semi in the right lane (as he should be) and switch over to the left lane to pass - only to get stuck behind a car going just a bit faster than the semi. I backed off a bit and waited for him to move over and he just kept on in the left lane. I'm matching his speed now and he's going just a tad over 70! I knew I shouldn't pass him on the right so I waited behind him for more than 2 minutes with 3 other cars eventually pushing up behind me and then I caved. I put on the blinker and passed him on the right. As I zipped past him in my minivan I looked over, hoping to be able to look the driver in the eye and give him a 'what the heck' look. I was denied. He didn't even glance over.

The new law on the books is one that could punish such drivers if they are blocking traffic on the highway. Good.

I also learned from the article on KIVITV that you are allowed a 15 mph speed window when passing on a two lane highway. For you lead foot driver though that only applies when you are passing - not your entire trip.

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