Idaho is a big state with a ton of country roads and highways. Some of those country roads may only get 1 car a day while our highways see thousands. But, in between the highways and the small roads, run the US Routes - and some of those are rarely used.

Where’s the quietest route in America?
Click the image to open the full interactive version (via Geotab).

The website GeoTab has put together what they call the quietest routes in the United States based on driver usage. The honor in Idaho for that goes to the tiny US Route 89. It is only 44 miles long and starts near Bear Lake and runs over to Wyoming (the actual road is much longer but only a small portion is in Idaho). You can click around in the map above and see every states quietest route and even see which is the most scenic if you are planning a trip. One of those scenic routes is just south of us in Utah.

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