A new video posted online to incite excitement about winter coming to Idaho has me excited for the snow. I'm still not even close to excited about the cold though.

What Do Idahoans Do In The Winter

Idaho is an amazing place to live pretty much year-round. With the exception of a few weeks where the flies come in like an Old Testament plague, Idaho is awesome. Even when the snow falls and the temperatures drop we still have reasons to be appreciative of living here.

In Sun Valley there's a lot of hype in the summer months about how great it is there and how celebrities love to visit, but I think it's overrated. At least during the summer. When winter rolls around Sun Valley becomes one of the coolest places you can go in Southern Idaho.

There's a new YouTube video posted by Visit Sun Valley and it showcases all the fun things you can do. The most amazing part is that they somehow don't make it look freezing cold.

The video almost leads you to believe that you can ski, snowboard, hike, and bike all while looking like you are part of an Abercrombie and Fitch commercial in a magical North Pole-looking town. We know better than that. We know that some days it is glorious to get out and play in the snow but most winter days are windy and miserable.

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The Best Part About Winter In Idaho

So, while the video does show most of the great reasons to be in Idaho during the winter, it also misses another of my favorites: sitting at home by a roaring fireplace.

The LaBelle Lake Ice Palace

Dierkes Lake Frozen In Winter

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Mary Alice is an easily missed park, hidden in Twin Falls, but it should definitely not be missed if you want to visit the most magical park in town.

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