The final hours of the end of a year don't just mean celebration, refection, and the joy brought on by the impending re-setting of paid time off, it also means lost animals are once again sitting at shelters across the country waiting to be reclaimed after disappearing from New Years parties.

The People For Pets / Magic Valley Humane Society of Twin Falls gave its annual New Years lost dog update to me on Thursday. Every year, dogs get loose and flee from the sights and sounds of exploding fireworks overhead, or doors and gates not closed all the way. I discussed the number of dogs sheltered over the holiday with the People For Pets Office Manager Cassie Champlin.

"We took in seven dogs, and not one of them had a collar, ID or chip," said Champlin. "Over half of these dogs probably won't get reclaimed."

The shelter took in close to 60 dogs over 2019's Forth of July celebration. One of my co-worker's actually lost her dog Tuesday night in Twin Falls after a party guest failed to close the door on his/her way out. Thankfully, the dog was located after someone called the number found on the collar. Of the seven dogs collected at the Twin Falls shelter, NOT ONE had a collar.

As a fellow dog owner, I have to say, what are we thinking not putting identification on our dogs. At least give your animal a chance to get returned. If people can't afford the $20 for a generic collar and ID, then those people shouldn't be owning dogs.

Champlin said that microchips are the best way to ensure a dog's safe return.

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