Sleigh Ride? When did they complete this survey? 1947? Some versions have no lyrics!  I was looking at a meme today about Mariah Carey being released from stasis for radio airplay now that many radio stations have launched Christmas music formats. After posting it to Facebook, a friend commented that he hates the song. For those not initiated, it’s All I Want for Christmas is You. But why wouldn’t you know that? Have you been living under a tree for the last 30 years? Yes, a big Douglas fir that lost its last needle in 1994!

Some states in the deep-south like Frosty the Snowman. If they had to live with snow they would have a different attitude.

What do People Like in Other States

Back to Sleigh Ride. This is a joke, right? I suppose it could be worse. In Illinois, they like Santa Baby, which appears to be about holiday rewards for prostitutes.
The District of Columbia, which many would consider a swamp (and it was in the beginning) is filled with people who like White Christmas. Me too! Maybe the only thing I’ll ever agree on with the people who call the District home. The state of Washington also likes White Christmas, but the survey doesn’t make it clear if it’s the Bing Crosby version. Most cover versions aren’t worth the old vinyl on which they were recorded.
Nevadans like Jingle Bell Rock. Catchy beat for some folks who aren’t very sophisticated.

South Dakotans Have Good Taste

I do like South Dakota’s number one choice. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. It’s one of those tunes that snares the heartstrings. Especially when you can’t always see family for the holiday.

They Don't Really Want Snow

Some states in the deep-south like Frosty the Snowman. If they had to live with snow they would have a different attitude.
I see Rudolph isn’t on any list.  I guess kids weren’t surveyed.

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