They are a few things you should know about household pets: cats are jerks and dogs are weird. We wrote about a cat last month that the vet declared to be a jerk, so it really is science. To prove that dogs are weird, you only need to look at this pup from a recent Twitter post.

Yeah, take a few looks at that monstrosity then tilt your head to the left side just a bit and you'll realize something. What you probably initially thought was the nose is in fact the ear of the dog and vice versa. To be honest, the little pooch is still pretty cute even when it looks like a freak of nature.

Obviously, I'm generalizing and not all cats are the worst and some dogs are pretty serious. Some of these pets are amazing and just need to right situation in which to shine. Check out the cats and dogs over at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter to find your new best friend who may be the most loving and silly creature you've ever seen.

This weekend might even be the best weekend to adopt your new best friend because as a Valentin'es Day special all the available dog adoptions are half price. You can help the animal shelter in other ways too, besides adoption. They are always in need of donations of food, blankets, toys, and money.

Plus, the Furrball Fundraiser party is coming up on March 7th to help pay for medical bills of pets that come to the shelter with medical needs.

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