On Saturday we were playing in the super wet snow rolling it into random snowman parts and building giants piles for snow cave and fort making. While rolling a snowball I unveiled a long lost hidden treasure in my yard! I can't really tell you how excited I was to find my silver socket shining in the winter sun.

You see, the 10mm socket is the unicorn of tools. Most sets come with a 10mm because it is used most often in the socket world. And I don't know if it is because it gets used so much or it is the universe messing with us but the 10mm socket will be the one size you can't find when you need it. I'm not organized with my tools - they are all over the place so it makes sense that I can't find stuff. But, there are people who are extremely organized and they are also plagued by the elusive 10mm socket.

I've always thought it would be a great sales idea to sell sets of just the 10mm socket. I'd buy a bag of those in a heartbeat, actually, I'd buy two because I'd lose one on the way home. Turns out I'm not the first with that genius idea - O'Reilly sells a set of 8 of them and you can buy more bulk sets on Amazon.

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