The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is an endless revolving door of dogs and cats coming and going. There are thousands of animals that come though each year in need of homes. So, if you need a springtime running buddy or a summertime camping partner, these dogs are ready to fill that slot.

There are puppies and adult dogs right now at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter and adoption fees are just $98.90. One Facebook commenter remarked that maybe there are so many animals because the adoption fee is so high. That person may not realize (even though it is stated in the post) that the adoption includes the animal being spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and the county licensing fee. To do all that on your own you could be paying roughly $50 for the neutering/spaying (we paid 70 for our dog), $25 for the microchip, $20 vaccines, and $10 for the licensing fee. That would put you back at least $105 to do it on your own. So go ahead and complain about the fee but you are getting a screaming deal by adopting from the shelter.

TF Animal Shleter Fee Facebook

The shelter does have special free or reduced adoption fees at times when a grant or generous donation is given and cat adoptions are currently only $9.

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