The politically correct are coming for the birds.  And we aren’t talking the wind turbines the tree huggers favor that kill millions of migratory birds every year.  No, this is a much more serious mission.  Some bird names may be racist!  Or violent, like Robin, who was also Batman’s sidekick and spent much of his time slugging people when he instead could’ve had a dialogue over some hot coffee.

The writers fume about John J. Audubon because he removed heads from dead people for study.

In all seriousness, a couple of Clown College graduates had a piece in Pravda-on-the-Potomac, sometimes known as the Washington Post.  They claim some birds share names with Confederate Generals!  Not that the birds know this, or do they?  They were certainly very cruel in that Hitchcock film I watched as a kid.  And they leave poop all over my car.  And eat the food I put out for the cats.

Click here to read the link from Pravda.  The writers fume about John J. Audubon because he removed heads from dead people for study.  Which appears to have been common at the time but what really disturbs them is the birdman was chopping heads from dead Mexican troops during the war between the United States and its southern neighbor.  Not that the dead Mexicans noticed and it appears the work on phrenology was separate from drawing flying animals.

It won’t be long before the Baltimore Orioles are forced to change the club name.  Not of the bird but of the city.  Lord Baltimore was a colonial promoter and even while he was a member of an oppressed church, he eventually unleashed some seriously bad baseball in the American League East.  Causing great suffering in Maryland.  Oh, and Amerigo Vespucci was clearly a colonialist as well and it’s only east if you’re looking at the world from the perspective of a Caucasian from the Northern Hemisphere.  Anyhow, before this gets any sillier, we’ll go silent as to not offend anyone.

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