We've just passed another anniversary of the horrific terror attacks of September 11, 2001. I don't know about you, but I don't ever want to relive that day. I would however like to go back to the America of the following day, September 12, 2001. I'll explain why.

Would I want to live through another terror attack? No. None of us would. But, I would love to find a time travel machine to go back to the day after. Do you remember what that was like?

Here are some vivid memories I have of the day after 9/11:

  • People prayed
  • Americans drew together and proudly displayed the flag and their patriotism
  • Politicians stopped accusing each other of stupid stuff for at least one day
  • Neighbors checked in on neighbors to make sure they were OK
  • Workers traveled to New York and Washington from all over the country to help with recovery
  • We were unified as a country

Remember that America? It's sadly becoming characteristics that I don't see nearly as much anymore. Imagine what would happen if we would face the current pandemic like we did 9/11. I try to imagine it, but it doesn't feel attainable right now. I won't claim to know the reason, but the division right now seems almost beyond repair. Or, is it?

It's a good thing that we remember 9/11 every year. We must. But, can I request that we also strive to remember how we all were the day after?

For now, I will dream of that America.

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