Where Were You On September 11th 2001?
It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that 13 years have passed since the Twin Towers attack. So much has happened; I came home from Ecuador, got married, went to college, moved 7 times, bought a house, and I have 4 kids now who are all in school. I hope they are being taught what happen…
Airline Upgrades Marines To First Class Seats
This is something that should happen a lot more frequently. In fact, if I had money and flew more often I would love to do this! American Airlines upgraded 6 marines to first class seating. Which is awesome - but it gets better.
The Top 10 Worst 'First World Problems'
Despite what you may hear on the news - America is still a pretty awesome place to live! We don't live in a third world country where it is near impossible to get clean water or food. Yet we still complain about the silliest things. Read below for the top 10 worst first world problems.
Elementary School Says “God Bless The USA” Is Offensive
Of all places for this to happen - New York would have been towards the bottom of the list! An elementary school principal has banned her Kindergarteners from singing the Lee Greenwood song God Bless The USA (also know as Proud To Be An American) because she feels it would be offensive to other cult…

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