My older teens HATE EVERYTHING. Everything is dumb to them and nothing is worth their precious time.

You may not agree with me when I say that Halloween doesn't have an age cap. You don't turn 15 years old and then all of the sudden you aren't allowed to celebrate. You don't have to stop dressing in costumes when you turn 21 and there definitely isn't an age where you should be told you can't Trick-or-Treat. Sure, it may be weird if you are 54 years old, dressed as a ballerina, and begging for candy by yourself. But weird doesn't make it wrong. Mainly I'm referring to our youth with this story though.

Kids Should Be Able To Trick-or-Treat No Matter Their Age

When I was a teenager there was a house that would give us older kids packets of ketchup or mustard. Other houses would give us nothing except their opinion that we were too old to be out. The majority of houses weren't so stingy and understood that we were just kids who wanted to dress in costumes and get free candy. That's a lot better than what many other teenagers do with their spare time.

Another reason I think Halloween is great for older kids is that they enjoy it. My older teens HATE EVERYTHING. Everything is dumb to them and nothing is worth their precious time. So, when they get excited to go out in a costume they have planned out with a group of similarly excited kids it makes me happy. Don't tell them no, or that they are too old. Give them the dang Tootsie Roll and let them be non-criminal kids.

Parents Want Candy Too

I still love getting in a costume and going out with my kids. I love the occasional free candy I get from random houses. I'd love it if every house asked the parent if they want a piece of candy too. Worst case scenario is we eat it ourselves and get fat. In the best scenario, we eat some and share the rest with our kids.

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