The Orpheum Theatre in Twin Falls will soon be celebrating 100 years of hosting live theater, films and other community gatherings. Management is asking the people of Twin Falls for input on how this occasion should be recognized.

The Orpheum Theatre employed my wife for a couple of years in the late-nineties. Its been almost 20 since years since she graduated high school, and she still considers it to be not only one of her favorite jobs she's ever had, but also one of her most fond memories of being a teenager in Twin Falls.

I had the opportunity to take a tour of the building in 2018 with a co-worker and General Manager Jared Johnson. I was working on a story about what is perceived to be the "Four Distinct Haunts" of the theater. I remember following Johnson throughout the historic landmark, and getting a true sense of why so many people find the Orpheum Theatre to be such a special place.

The Orpheum Theatre is planning a celebration of its 100th year of live performances this October. Management used the theater's Facebook page on Friday (January 8) to announce the news, and also ask for input on how this milestone should be celebrated.

The theater held its first live performance on October 31, 1921. "How should we celebrate?," was the question posed to the public on Facebook. Hopefully, we'll start to see the end of Coronavirus cases in southern Idaho in the next couple of months, so that we can properly gather and celebrate this wonderful building and all its meant to the people of Twin Falls.

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