Last year at the Twin Falls County Fair rodeo, Braxten Nielsen was competing in bareback riding when the horse bucked and smashed him in to the back of the chute, breaking his back. Doctors said there was less than a 5% chance of him to ever walk again.

Well, Braxten decided to prove everyone wrong. Braxten started taking steps only 8 weeks after his accident. On December 8th, his sister challenged him to ditch the wheelchair and walker, and since then he has been getting around on his own free will. Now, not even a year late, Braxten is even dancing!

Despite his dancing skills, he still has a long road to recovery. Internally, he still has some pretty major issues and externally, his feet are numb and his left side will occasionally give out and he will fall.

Next fall, he plans on making his return to C.S.I. rodeo. But, Nielsen said he is a little nervous.

"I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared. The doctors are worried that the plates and rods in my back may hurt me," Braxten said.

He even jumped up on the bucking machine.

"Riding the bucking machine is easier than walking," Nielsen said.

Even though he won't be competing this weekend, he will still be there to support his teammates in this important two day competition.

Braxten left us with this message: "Be ready to see me next fall."

Maybe we will see him as the world champ in bareback one day. Way to go Braxten.

C.S.I. rodeo is Friday and Saturday night where Braxten will be helping out and cheering on a lot of his friends that are competing.