UPDATE 9/20/23 - Twin Falls County has released an update with more information and clarification regarding the Quagga Mussels and the closure of Centennial Park and the Snake River:

ORIGINAL STORY: This morning we learned that an infestation of the destructive Quagga Mussels had been found in Southern Idaho at the popular Centennial Waterfront Park. The request for public visitors to stay away from the area has now become a mandate. This afternoon, about an hour ago, it was announced that the park has been closed, effective immediately, by Idaho’s governor, Brad Little.

Idaho Governor Closes Popular Twin Falls Park Effective Immediately Due to Invasion

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture will have updates on the status of the closure and cleanup of the Quagga Mussel larvae. Currently, they are working to find the point of the infestation. This is the first time Idaho has put a rapid response plan into effect for the invasive mussels. The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office shared the following on their social media:

Centennial Park will be closed through Saturday and the Snake River between Auger Falls and Shoshone Falls will be closed for an unknown amount of time.

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Many of the popular parks with water access and key points of travel in Twin Falls are currently closed or under construction. Idaho Power is working on the Twin Falls Power Plant Park and has closed the dock and parking area. Extended maintenance is underway on the Perrine Bridge and the I-84 Interchange. It was also just announced that the main parking area and overlook for the Shoshone Falls is closed for repairs.

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If something happens at the Hansen Bridge to close it, we’ll be pretty much stuck in Twin Falls unless you head south. On the bright side, at least parking won’t be an issue for a few days at Centennial Park.

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