You can ask anyone working at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter and they can tell you about the thousands of cats and dogs that come through the shelter every year. Some pets come in lost or unwanted by their owners and others are caught as strays and may have never known the joy of having loving owners. Last week we had a crazy thunder and lightning storm and my dogs were freaked out. Luckily they sleep inside in my kids' beds otherwise who knows where they would have ended up trying to escape the storm. That happens a lot in the Magic Valley, storms blow open gates or destroy fences meant to keep in pets and often they end up at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. If your pet is registered and micro-chipped then it becomes easy for them to contact and find owners.

Your pets may already be registered but if you haven't had them micro-chipped yet then you need to get to the Micro-Chip Clinic coming up on August 31, 2019 at the Twin Falls Farmers Market. You can learn all about the benefits of having your furry friends chipped and get them done right on site! From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. you can take your pets down to Main Ave in Twin Falls. We messaged the Twin Falls Animal Shelter to see if there is a fee for the micro-chipping on Saturday and haven't heard back yet. We'll update when they reply. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter also offers the micro-chipping service each Wednesday at the shelter for $25 if you can't make it on Saturday the 31st.

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