I bet it is safe to say that most of us have a box or two full of items from our youth. Some people look through these memory boxes often and reminisce about the past. Maybe your box is in the garage or attic and hasn't been opened in years, but if you were to pull it out today you still wouldn't be willing to throw it away. That's the weird thing about sentimental feelings - they don't make sense to everyone. What you hold close to your heart is completely different than what others cherish. There is a large scale version of this happening right now in Southern Idaho with an old, and out of date, water tower.

In Idaho Falls there is an iconic and often photographed water tower with red and white stripes. It looks cool and has been in the town for more than 80 years. It is also out dated and no longer able to serve the purpose it was intended for, so the city plans to tear it down and replace it with a new larger water tower. That's what the city needs but it isn't what the whole city wants. One resident started a Change.org petition to have the city save the water tower because it means so much to the history and aesthetics of the town.

The petition has hundreds of signatures in support of saving the old water tower. I feel like we have a similar situation happening right now in Twin Falls with the old Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store building in downtown. The current plan is to replace the building near the Downtown Commons fountain with a taller updated building. While the new building might be what the city needs it doesn't seem to be what everyone wants.

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