Dating can be difficult. That’s just the way it is. You have to spend time trying to decide if a stranger is going to be worth the time and effort it takes to make a relationship work. Sometimes it’s obvious that you are going to have a future with someone. Other times you might be in the middle of a date and realize you’d rather be anywhere else but with that person.

Things You Can Say To Immediately End A Date In Idaho

When that moment of realization happens, the rest of the date can become extremely awkward. If your date is oblivious, they may not even notice that you are in mental anguish every moment you’re near them. You might not want to be rude, but you have to say or do something, right? Here are a few things you can say to end a first date that should never have happened and should definitely not lead to a second date. Or second base.

Phrases that will Immediately End a Bad First Date in Idaho

To be clear - don't use these on your spouse. These are only for a first date that heads south with no other way out.

Let’s make something clear now, if it wasn’t already, that these lines are only for a bad first date. Do not use these lines on your spouse if you think the date isn’t going well.

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  • Have You Ever Been To The Zone Of Death?
  • We’re B.A.S.E Jumping Tonight
  • Let’s Go Meet My Parents
  • I’m A Democrat
  • I’ve Told My Ex’s All About You
  • I’m Pregnant
  • You’re my Favorite Sister
  • My Husband Thinks I’m At Church Right Now
  • You Have My Mother’s Eyes
  • I’m a Vegetarian and I Just Moved Here From California
  • My Date With Your Sister Was Better Than This One
  • I Grew up in Chubbuck
  • Pronounce Boise Differently Each Time You Say It
  • I Just Remembered That I Don’t Like People

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