There are quite a few places in Idaho rumored to be haunted, and according to who you ask, the haunt with the best story is in Pocatello.

One of my favorite haunted places story is the Old Idaho State Penitentiary. Prisons are just creepy. Add in the possibility of ghosts and in my opinion, you have a winner. I also think the Haunted Mansions of Albion are just creepy - haunted or not - that place is scary. According to Thought Catalog though, I'm wrong.

They say that the Pocatello High School ghost story is the scariest in the state. The story goes that in 2014 a ghost was caught on the school security cameras moving through the halls and even set off a security alarm. Then, lights in the building flickered on and off.

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Reports differ on who the ghost is. Some say it is a girl who died at the school and others say it may be a group of the spirits of kids who died as part of a suicide pact.

Not everyone even believes that a ghost was caught on camera. Ghostology (they sound like they know their ghost stuff) says it was a string in front of the camera and not a ghost.

Someone should tell the folks at Ghostology that even if it is just a string, part of what makes things terrifying to the average person is the thought that a place could be haunted. They see a string and we see a string...from a ghost tunic.

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