Against the law or not, most of us or our children have done a lemonade stand. My kids did one last year while we did a yard sale and they loved it. On that note why can we do yard sales and they can't sell lemonade (or Kool-aid)? There are only a handful of states that allow kids to legally have a street corner lemonade stand without a permit. Idaho is not one of those states.

United States of Lemonade N8

We aren't surrounded by lemonade stand loving states but all those south of us have legalized it, including Colorado but that shouldn't be a surprise since they legalize everything. Country Time Lemonade wants to make it so that any kid who wants to have a lemonade stand can do it without fear of fines or other legalities. They have what is called Legal-Ade and are willing to pay the fines incurred by an illegal stand, up to $300. If you are busted for selling the good yellow on the streets you can apply for reimbursement at the Legal-Ade website. They even have a cool sign you can print out for your lemonade stand that states you are covered by Legal-Ade in case of issues.

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