With Father's Day right around the corner it got some of us thinking, some states offer paternity leave. Idaho is not one of those states, but should they?

Maternity leave has been around for a long time. But, should Idaho require employers to offer paternity leave to men when they have a new baby in the mix? Maternity leave is for the mother's the the child to not only heal, but have a chance to bond and take care of the child. Does that mean that men should have the same opportunity to bond that women do?

Sure, men don't have to physically heal, but it might be helpful in the healing process for the mother if the man was also around. Some argue that men definitely don't need it, they need to go to work and make the money. But if money wasn't a factor, should father's be granted paternity leave?

For those who have experienced paternity leave, what do you think? For those who haven't, would you have liked that opportunity?

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